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200 HR Teacher Training – Edmonton

200 HR Teacher Training – Edmonton

Interested in deepening your practice? Learning that yoga is deeply impacting your life and you want to share this practice?

Whether you aspire to teach or are simply wanting to deepen your understanding & knowledge of yoga, our 200 Hour Teacher Training is an amazing opportunity for you to explore your desire to expand in this realm.


Start your journey this upcoming May in Edmonton. Click here for more information & Info Session Dates.


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Virya Yoga Challenge

Virya Yoga Challenge

March 1st – May 31st
Join us for the next 3 months to build a more balanced and consistent yoga practice in your life this summer. Yoga is an inward journey for all of us so allow yourself the time and space to develop your own personal practice.
The Challenge:
Minimum 3 classes per week, with at least 1 class per week being non-heated
Sign up for our auto-renew and start your challenge!
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200 HR Teacher Training – Edmonton
2015 Teacher Training
Virya Yoga Challenge
Virya Yoga Challenge
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The Importance of Humility

Humility Noun “The quality or condition of being humble”   “Being humble in all endeavours keeps you in the mindset of a student. You’re always open to learning, and never think you know more than you do. Sometimes getting too comfortable in any discipline invokes a sense of hubris that you might not even recognize.”

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